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It can be stressful to find that something you use regularly has loose screws or nuts. Adding to that stress is not being able to find the right kind of tool to fix it.

Retract-A-Bit tools are your handy saviours when these situations arise. Small and portable, you can keep one in your kitchen drawer, your glove box, your tool box, your boat and anywhere it makes sense to have an emergency Retract-A-Bit.

No need to keep dozens of tools lying around. With multiple bits and sockets securely attached to the Retract-A-Bit tools, you never have to search for the right piece. It’s always there when you need it. As Marisol says from ‘The Productive Moms’: (What Does It Mean To Be Organized - The Productive Moms), “Being organized and having a good organization means that tasks are done faster and more efficient. That, in turn, leads to less stress and overwhelm. Just the aesthetics of having an organized space can be relaxing. Who wouldn’t want that?”


It means a lot to have a tool that fits perfectly in your hand. When the handles are big enough to give you enough torque to securely attach or detach a screw or nut, coupled with a sizing that fits your hands comfortably, it’s what sets Retract-A-Bit tools apart.

We know that you can’t have a one size fits all tool, so we designed different sizes to help you get the perfect grip.

The EZ load and lock system makes it easy to switch from one bit to another with only one hand, and it’s light weight makes it easy to handle and operate.

It’s always there for you.


Canadian made and proudly so! Retract-A-Bit tools are designed with high quality materials, workmanship and standards.

Invented, patented and produced in Canada, these handy tools have been around for over twenty years. Retract-A-Bit products purchased twenty years ago are still going strong for the many customers who bought them when they first came out.

The company stands by their commitment to quality and durability. In the very rare times when something goes wrong, the company bends over backwards to make it right.

Built strong... And built right.


We all know that manufacturers like to use different types of screws and nuts in their products, so when it comes to fixing or adjusting, usually one tool is never enough. The Retract-A-Bit tools are so versatile that you won’t have to collect dozens of different tools to fix your everyday household items.

One favourite example from our loyal customers is the ability to switch from one bit to another while up on a ladder fixing lights. One hand, one tool, no going up and down to get different tools.

So many options... All in one tool.

What's New

We are continually improving our products based on customer feedback to make them more convenient, comfortable to use, durable, and effective.
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